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Australia, we’re a weird mob: Google reveals our top 10 searches for 2017


We’re obsessed with sport, fascinated by fidget spinners and keen to make homemade slime if you believe the most searched terms and phrases of the year released by the search engine this week.

The infamous fidget spinner

The snapshot reveals we’re still a nation of sport lovers, with the Australian Open, the Melbourne Cup and Wimbledon taking out the top three positions, while fourth place went to fidget spinners, a spinning toy that came – and went again just as fast.

We still wanted to know how they worked – ‘How to make a fidget spinner’ was the second most Googled ‘how to’. It was pipped however by the ultimate question – ‘How to make slime’.

In fact, making slime took out four of the top 10 ‘how to’ searches (clearly parents desperate to distract kids from their fidget spinners).

MSG tops the list of queries

But our favourite list is the ‘What is …?” queries. It seems we’re all confused by Asian food, with “What is MSG?” and “What is kimchi?” making the top three.

Cryptocurrency also has us baffled with “What is Bitcoin?” at number two (if someone can tell me please, that would be great).

Number four was ‘what is a publican?’ (Shouldn’t all Aussies know the answer to this one?).

And rounding out the top five is ‘what is covfefe?’ (The Twitter typo by the US President that sent the Internet into meltdown earlier this year – thank you Trump).

To read the full list of searches – and see what else makes us tick – read below.


Most searched overall:

  1. Australian Open 2017
  2. Melbourne Cup 2017
  3. Wimbledon 2017
  4. Fidget spinner
  5. Cyclone Debbie
  6. iPhone 8
  7. North Korea
  8. Chris Cornell
  9. iPhone X
  10. Amazon Australia site

In the news:

  1. Cyclone Debbie
  2. North Korea
  3. Amazon Australia site
  4. Hurricane Irma
  5. Bali volcano
  6. London
  7. Las Vegas
  8. Manchester
  9. UK election
  10. Schapelle Corby

People around the world:

  1. Harvey Weinstein
  2. Ed Sheeran
  3. Kevin Spacey
  4. Gal Gadot
  5. Floyd Mayweather
  6. Jake Paul
  7. Post Malone
  8. Pippa Middleton
  9. Boy George
  10. Macklemore


  1. Sophie Monk
  2. Kate Fischer
  3. Schapelle Corby
  4. Ben McCormack
  5. Dustin Martin
  6. Cassie Sainsbury
  7. Lisa Wilkinson
  8. Paul Hogan
  9. Katherine Langford
  10. Amber Sherlock

How to….?

  1. How to make slime
  2. How to make a fidget spinner
  3. How to make fluffy slime
  4. How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor
  5. How to buy Bitcoin
  6. How to make slime without borax
  7. How to use Snapchat map
  8. How to unblock people on Instagram
  9. How to make slime without glue
  10. How to vote for gay marriage

What is…?

  1. What is MSG?
  2. What is Bitcoin?
  3. What is kimchi?
  4. What is a publican?
  5. What is covfefe?
  6. What is a fidget spinner?
  7. What is MSG and why is it bad?
  8. What is Sharia Law?
  9. What is DACA?
  10. What is Good Friday?

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