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Brunch lovers celebrate: Aussie farmer grows avocados five times the average size


The Groves family have started harvesting the first crop from their 400 Avozilla trees at their farm in Bungundarra in Queensland – each with an average weight of 1.2 kilograms, according to the ABC.

“The biggest one we found so far was nearly 1.8 kilograms,” David Groves, the only commercial grower of the variety in Australia, said.

They’re not genetically modified though – rather the Avozilla is a South African variety with a “buttery taste” that’s been bred like any other fruit or vegetable crop.

The giant fruit does have a few downsides according to David. The trees produce less fruit per hectare than your average avo tree. They also turn soft on the tree faster than other varieties – but that hasn’t stopped people from freaking out over the freakishly-large fruit.

A Twitter comment on the giant avos

Smashing supermarket sales

Sadly you might have trouble getting your hands on one. Most are being pre-sold before they even leave Queensland for the “very firm price” of $12 each.

That said, it could be worth tracking them down.

“I cut one open the other day and got nine pieces of smashed avocado on toast out of [a]half,” David says.

That’s 18 slices of avo toast for $12. Bargain.

The only question now is – will they completely destroy the housing market?

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