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Coca-Cola introduces ‘healthy’ Coke in Japan – with added fibre


Marketed as the company’s ‘healthiest’ soft drink yet, the sugar- and calorie-free ‘Coke Plus’ promises five grams of “indigestible dextrin” (my favourite) in every bottle.

“We’re looking to add functional beverages,” CEO John Quincy told the media at the announcement.

It’s not the first time the beverage giant has tried to push a fibre-enhanced drink. Back in 2007, they launched a Coke fortified with vitamins and minerals. But it wasn’t well-received, especially by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

They informed Coca-Cola through a threatening letter that the drink violated the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act – which requires that any ‘health’ product must contain at least 10 per cent more nutrients than similar products.

The news comes as the company scrapped its ‘healthier’ Coke Life brand from Australian shelves amid a global slump in soft drinks sales as people turn to alternative drinks.

So will Coke Plus reverse the drop? We don’t think so. They only recommend a limit of one bottle a day – maybe just eat your vegies instead.

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