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Do you need aged care on a short-term basis? This program is designed for you


The Short-Term Restorative Care Program was introduced by the Federal Government in 2016 to provide older people with care services, either in their own home or in an aged care home, for up to eight weeks.

The Program sets out clear goals for each participant and is designed to help with everyday tasks to keep you living independently – and out of residential aged care – as long as possible.

Services offered under the Program include re-ablement assistance with physiotherapy, occupational therapy and podiatry, along with home maintenance, nursing, help with meals and nutrition, personal care and assistance, counselling services, speech therapy, transport and other support services.

Say you are finding it harder to get around the house – the Program could provide mobility aids and home and furniture modifications as well as physiotherapy to get you back on your feet.

This care is usually coordinated by a team of health professionals including your GP with your provider organising these services.

Help at home

Those who are already receiving a home care package, living in aged care or receiving transition care after a hospital stay are not eligible for the Program, but it is available to people on the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

You don’t need an income assessment to access an STRC place either – instead the costs are calculated as a percentage of the single pension daily rate and depend on whether you receive care at home or in an aged care home.

The Government has also just boosted the number of places – from 475 to 1,250 – so over 8,000 older Australians will be able to access the program this year – welcome news.

You do need to have an assessment with an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) before you can be approved for care. You can find out more about ACAT assessments on agedcare101 here.

If you or someone you care for would like to receive short-term restorative care and have not already been assessed for it, you can call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

A practising aged care physiotherapist for the past 13 years, Jill has worked in more than 50 metropolitan and regional aged care homes. She has also toured care facilities across the US and Africa. She is a passionate advocate for both the residents in aged care and the staff that serve them.

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