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Just not Australian: Sydney café forced to change menu – after charging $6 for sauce


There’s no doubt us Aussies love our sauce. Now a café in Sydney’s inner west has caused outrage on social media – after charging extra for sauce or gravy to add to their steak or grilled chicken breast.

The offending menu. Credit: Reddit

Dozens of condiment users expressed their anger after a disgruntled customer shared a photo of the menu on Reddit.

“Sauce should be a human right,” one user wrote.

The customer himself told “It’s got to the point where you just expect prices to be high for almost anything in Sydney but $6 for a bit of sauce on your meat is a step too far.”

The café fired back saying the sauce was freshly made and comes in a large bowl – but cut the charge down to $3 and took it off their new menu.

Honestly though – it’s just sauce.

That said, if the Government wants to subsidise the $1 I had to shell out for tomato sauce on my sausage roll last week, that’s fine by me.

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