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Love based on ‘hate’ – this dating app seems to work


‘Hater’ is a new app that lets you hunt for a partner who shares your dislikes instead of what you like.

hater-2The most commonly hated things so far? The 2016 US presidential election (no surprise there); slow walkers (can’t stand them); and drain hair (just disgusting).

You simply register your opinion on over 2,000 topics – from Trump and Taylor Swift to pickles and cargo shorts – by swiping if you love, hate, like, dislike or are neutral on it.

The app then builds a profile to connect you with similar-minded people. You can also see how other users respond to the same topics.

The path to true love?

The app’s creator Brendan Alper admits it started as a joke, but after doing some research, he found that people actually seemed to bond more over their pet peeves.

It’s an idea that clearly appeals – the app’s already attracted around 10,000 users.

Sounds perfect for anyone who’s ever been two hours into a date, like me, only to discover their potential love interest is a huge Bon Jovi fan. The end.

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