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“You never stop being a mum”: 98-year-old woman moves into aged care home to look after 80-year-old son


Tom Keating had moved into the nursing home in Liverpool in the UK last year after he needed more support, but a year later, his mother Ada decided she too would make the move to care for the eldest of her four children.

Moss View Care Home manager Philip Daniels told the Liverpool Echo it was rare to see mothers and their children in the same home together.

“It’s very touching to see the close relationship both Tom and Ada share,” he said. “They are inseparable.”

Not that she doesn’t put her foot down sometimes.

“Sometimes she’ll say ‘behave yourself,” Tom said. “She’s very good at looking after me.”

Tom never married and lived with Ada before he went into the home so their family is happy the pair have been reunited.

“There’s no parting them!” granddaughter Debi Higham added. “It’s reassuring for us that they’re both getting looked after 24/7.”

A real feel-good story.

Lauren is a journalist for, agedcare101 and The Donaldson Sisters. Growing up in a big family in small town communities, she has always had a love for the written word, joining her local library at the age of six months. With over eight years' experience in writing and editing, she is a keen follower of news and current affairs with a nose for a good story.

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