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Not your standard order – you can now have a drive-thru funeral in Japan


The Kankon Sousai Aichi Group in Ueda in central Nagano will start offering the drive-thru service in December, allowing mourners to give their final farewells – without having to get out of their car.

A guest trials the new drive-thru service. Credit: The Japan Times

Similar to fast-food drive-thrus, attendees will be able to drive up to a window where they sign their name on a touch screen and hand over condolence money, The Japan Times reports. There’s also an electronic incense-burning device in case mourners would like to offer a prayer.

Inside the venue, the host of the ceremony and other funeralgoers will be able to watch the drive-thru guests (and check that they do actually make an appearance).

Funerals big business in ageing Japan

The company’s CEO Masao Ogiwara told the paper that they’re looking to cater to people who have limited mobility due to physical disabilities or old age and otherwise wouldn’t be able to bid farewell to their family and friends.

And since funerals customarily take place at noon, workers can cruise by to say their farewell before high-tailing it back to the office.

Personally, we think it defeats the purpose of having a final goodbye.

Definitely gives a whole new meaning to making a hasty exit though.

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