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Only in Australia: Aussie teen discovers hack that gets him free Macca’s burgers


A group of teens have managed to exploit a bug in the McDonald’s self-ordering system that drops the price of $1 hamburgers down to $0.10.

The ‘freebie’ scam works by adding a hamburger to an order and then customising it to remove the meat patty – and then, as this thrifty group did, adding ten $1 hamburgers to the order and customising all of them with the above hack; resulting in a total -$1.

They then added a separate $1 hamburger to the order, bringing up the total to $0.00.

And there you have it – a free burger!

This video, which shows the scam being seamlessly pulled off, quickly went viral on Reddit – so by now we can only imagine that Macca’s has cottoned on and fixed the bug.

But it might not be too late to save yourself a dollar…


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