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Paying for fried chicken by scanning your face? Now you can – in China


Yes, it’s true. A KFC in Hangzhou is allowing customers to pay for food with their face.

Called ‘Smile to Pay’, the payment method works like this: pick what you want from the menu in the kiosk, then stand still while your face is run through their facial-recognition software.

If it matches the picture in their system, the cost of the meal is debited from your account.

So could someone use your picture to steal your ‘three-piece feed’?

Ant Financial, which developed the technology, says a 3D camera and “liveless detection algorithm” will stop fraudsters from using other people’s photos or videos to access their account. Customers also have to put in their phone number as an added security measure.

It’s not the first time KFC has experimented with facial recognition – last year, its Chinese stores worked with web service company Baidu to create ‘smart restaurants’ that scanned customers’ faces and made food order suggestions based on their sex, age and mood.

I’m not sure I like the sound of that though. I’m always in the mood for fries.

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