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Picture a hotel room that lets you sleep under the stars – literally


It sounds like a publicity stunt, but that’s exactly what you can do at this unique hotel in the Swiss Alps.

“The only star is you”

Created by hotel group Null Stern (or ‘no stars’), the “room” is just a double bed, tables and lamps and is priced from around $250 a night.

There is a butler on hand to deliver breakfast in bed, but guests are warned their booking may be cancelled if the skies open.

The nearest bathroom is also a 10 minute walk away, with the hotel recommending guests “use the meadow for small business”.

The lack of amenities hasn’t deterred guests though, with the hotel fully booked out for the rest of the European summer.

Its founders do plan to expand the concept next year so if it sounds like an experience you don’t want to miss, head to their website here.



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