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This isn’t a prank – a Thai university has just launched a ‘marijuana studies’ program


We’re totally serious.

Rangsit University, a private institution half an hour outside of Bangkok, has just revealed the new undergraduate program, which will cover topics including the plant’s history, cultivation technology, and medical marijuana.

Thailand became the first Southeast Asian nation to approve the use of cannabis for medical purposes last year – so the industry is about to see a big boom.

According to VICE, the course will be run through the university’s Agricultural Innovation Faculty and interested applicants must have completed high school or have “an equivalent vocational degree in math, science and the arts”. Specialty marijuana classes also won’t be offered until the third year, after students have done two years of the core syllabus.

“The world has advanced greatly in marijuana research, especially medical marijuana. But in Thailand, we don’t have skilled workers that know much about cannabis . . . We will be the pioneers of marijuana education programs in Thailand,” Faculty Dean, Banyat Saitthiti, told a local broadcaster.

We assume it’s not a ‘practical’ course…

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