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What?! Kiwi accent voted ‘sexiest in the world’


We’re as outraged as you are.

The world has spoken – and apparently it finds the New Zealand accent the sexiest on the planet.

The results come from a poll (participated in by an unknown number of people) on the travel website Big 7, which placed the Kiwi accent at number one while the Australian voice trailed behind in fifth place.

We can’t help but question the Big 7 readers’ choices – the Kiwi voice has never quite inspired the word ‘sexy’ in our minds.

And there are some other notable oversights in the list too.

The infamously romantic Spanish accent only managed eighth place, while the often-indiscernible Scottish drawl (sorry to any Scottish readers) sits at an amazing sixth.

Others in the top 10 winners list include South African, Irish, French and South USA accents (guess the survey participants like a cowboy).

You can read the full results here.

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