Second jury dismissed in case of NSW aged care nurse

Second jury dismissed in case of NSW aged care nurse accused of murder

The trial of Megan Haines, 49, who is accused of murdering two women at a north coast nursing home, has been shifted to Sydney for a third trial after the first two juries were dismissed.

It’s alleged the nurse gave lethal insulin injections to 82-year-old Marie Darragh and 77-year-old Isabella Spencer at the St Andrews aged care centre at Ballina in May 2014.

The case was being heard at the Supreme Court at Lismore, but the first jury was discharged after two of the jurors told the judge they had a relationship to some of the 70 witnesses and the nursing home. The trial was reconvened for a second time on Wednesday, but the court received 15 similar applications from jurors who had a connection to the case.

While Judge Peter Garling said it was better for everyone involved that a trial to take place in the area where the offences were committed, he said it was more important to try the case without interruption. Haines has already been in custody for over two years.

“I am satisfied there is a real and substantial risk of a miscarriage of justice occurring if this trial was to continue,” he said. “You are the second jury to be discharged this week. We have had two false starts. If you were an Olympic swimmer I am not sure what would happen – but in the legal justice system we try again.”

Ms Haines has pleaded not guilty to the two counts of murder. The new trial is expected to last for about six weeks.

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