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War Veterans’ Home Retirement Village

Myrtle Bank, SA Ref:PL8055

  • Retirement Village
  • 1 Car Garage
  • Carport
  • Direct Garage Access
  • Home care services
  • Level access
  • 24hr Medical Alert External
  • Visiting Medical Services



  • Retirement Village
  • 1 Car Garage
  • Carport
  • Direct Garage Access
  • Home care services
  • Level access
  • 24hr Medical Alert External
  • Visiting Medical Services
Vailima Gardens

Hackney, SA Ref:PL5332

Eldercare College Green

Kent Town, SA Ref:PL5773

Stepney - Cornish Street

Stepney, SA Ref:PL23534

ECH Ramsay Court

St Peters, SA Ref:PL5746

Joslin - First Avenue

Joslin, SA Ref:PL23494

ECH Torrens Court

Evandale, SA Ref:PL5757

ECH Riverhaven

Walkerville, SA Ref:PL5748

ECH Scarfe Court

Norwood, SA Ref:PL5754

ECH Bowden Towers

Adelaide, SA Ref:PL5679

Adeliade - Spence on Light

Adelaide, SA Ref:PL28228

ECH Branston Court

Vale Park, SA Ref:PL5682

ECH Little Adelaide Village

Prospect, SA Ref:PL5727

ECH Davis Court

Walkerville, SA Ref:PL5696

ECH Leonard Court

Collinswood, SA Ref:PL5723

Marden - Broad Street

Marden, SA Ref:PL28230

ECH Lawrence Court

Walkerville, SA Ref:PL5722

Marden - Millikan Grove

Marden, SA Ref:PL24884

ECH Braested

Parkside, SA Ref:PL5681

Marden - Menzies Marden

Marden, SA Ref:PL23498

Victoria Grove Estate

Glenside, SA Ref:PL6932

ECH Ellen Court

Nailsworth, SA Ref:PL5702

Pineview Retirement Village

Glenside, SA Ref:PL20867

ECH Burnard Court

Collinswood, SA Ref:PL5685

ECH Gables of St Morris

St Morris, SA Ref:PL6024

ECH Blodwin Court

Marryatville, SA Ref:PL5678

Leabrook Place

Leabrook, SA Ref:PL6283

Firle - Hampden Street

Firle, SA Ref:PL23459

Eldercare Sash Ferguson

Mount Barker, SA Ref:PL5779

The Glenbrook

Glenside, SA Ref:PL6284

ECH Merrindie

Leabrook, SA Ref:PL5736

On Statenborough

Leabrook, SA Ref:PL6285

ECH Dellow Court

Leabrook, SA Ref:PL5698

Glenside - Cator Street

Glenside, SA Ref:PL23474

Felixstow - Pickering Court

Felixstow, SA Ref:PL5221

ECH Maxwell Court

Fullarton, SA Ref:PL5734

ECH Brenda Court

Kensington Gardens, SA Ref:PL5683

ECH Walker Court

Thebarton, SA Ref:PL5761

St Louis On Blyth

Parkside, SA Ref:PL6619

ECH Vine Court

Prospect, SA Ref:PL5760

ECH Norgrove Lodge

Leabrook, SA Ref:PL5742

ECH Maurice Court

Unley, SA Ref:PL5733

ECH McGregor Lodge

Parkside, SA Ref:PL5735

Lindon Park - Sturdee Street

Linden Park, SA Ref:PL23506

ECH Sidney Batty Court

Kensington Gardens, SA Ref:PL5755

ECH Michael Court

Fullarton, SA Ref:PL5738

ECH Howard Court

Burnside, SA Ref:PL5714

Glenunga - Sydney Street

Glenunga, SA Ref:PL23467

Kensington Gardens - East Terrace

Kensington Gardens, SA Ref:PL23509

ECH Henry Court

Hyde Park, SA Ref:PL5712

ECH Rundle Court

Fullarton, SA Ref:PL5753

Living Choice Fullarton

Fullarton, SA Ref:PL6158

ECH Moran Court

Fullarton, SA Ref:PL5739

ECH Clayton Court

Goodwood, SA Ref:PL5688

Magill - Third Street

Magill, SA Ref:PL24872

ECH Kardella

Rosslyn Park, SA Ref:PL5717

ECH Giles Close

Burnside, SA Ref:PL5706

ECH Day Court

Croydon, SA Ref:PL5697

ECH Arch Prime Lodge

Myrtle Bank, SA Ref:PL5673

ECH Bright Court

Highgate, SA Ref:PL5684

ECH Grainger Court

Myrtle Bank, SA Ref:PL5707

Ashbrook Apartments

Ashford, SA Ref:PL20360

Warrina Close

Campbelltown, SA Ref:PL28072

Magill - James Evans Court

Magill, SA Ref:PL24859

Hayward Gardens Retirement Village

Torrensville , SA Ref:PL27976

ECH Knightsbridge

Myrtle Bank, SA Ref:PL5721

ECH Robinson Lodge

Myrtle Bank, SA Ref:PL5751

ECH Garden Cottages St Georges

St Georges, SA Ref:PL25691

ECH Reginald Court

Highgate, SA Ref:PL5747

Magill - St George's Court

Magill, SA Ref:PL24869

Magill - Moir Court

Magill, SA Ref:PL23470

Langton Park

Campbelltown, SA Ref:PL6044

ECH Roberts Court

Kings Park, SA Ref:PL5749

Rostrevor - Pullin Court

Rostrevor, SA Ref:PL5218

Ackland Park Retirement Village

Everard Park, SA Ref:PL5362

Campbelltown - Elliot Court

Campbelltown, SA Ref:PL23457

Kings Park Retirement Village

Kings Park, SA Ref:PL5388

ECH Robertson Miller Lodge

Black Forest, SA Ref:PL5750

Campbelltown - Genders Court

Campbelltown, SA Ref:PL24881

Levande Lightsview

Northgate, SA Ref:PL21872

ECH James Martin Court

Glandore, SA Ref:PL5715

Pennwood Kings Park

Kings Park, SA Ref:PL5330

ECH Arnold Court

Kurralta Park, SA Ref:PL5675

Crestview Retirement Village

Hillcrest, SA Ref:PL5378

ECH David Court

Underdale, SA Ref:PL5694

Bellara Village Campbelltown

Campbelltown, SA Ref:PL20556

Warrina Park

Paradise, NSW Ref:PL6968

ECH Fuller Court

Cumberland Park, SA Ref:PL5705

Acacia Park

Brooklyn Park, SA Ref:PL7017

ECH Murray Court

Cumberland Park, SA Ref:PL5741

ECH Oakden Estate

Oakden, SA Ref:PL5743

SCC Northfield

Northfield, SA Ref:PL6549

ECH William Ackland Court

Glandore, SA Ref:PL5765

ECH Victoria Court

Brooklyn Park, SA Ref:PL5759

ECH Waverley Court

Lower Mitcham, SA Ref:PL5763

Netley Grove

Netley, SA Ref:PL7020

ECH Clarence Gardens Estate

Clarence Gardens, SA Ref:PL5687

ECH Henderson Lodge

North Plympton, SA Ref:PL5711

ECH Clutterbuck Lodge

Lockleys, SA Ref:PL5689

ECH Arthur Court

Edwardstown, SA Ref:PL5676

ECH Lewis Court

Clarence Gardens, SA Ref:PL5725

ECH Crescent Lodge

Colonel Light Gardens, SA Ref:PL5691

ECH Duggan Court

Plympton, SA Ref:PL5701

ECH Donald Court

Clarence Gardens, SA Ref:PL5699

ECH Ernest Court

Woodville North, SA Ref:PL5703

ECH Hanson Court

Woodville Gardens, SA Ref:PL5710

ECH Braden Court

South Plympton, SA Ref:PL5680

ECH Mostyn Court

Mitcham, SA Ref:PL5740

Balmoral Village

Dernancourt, SA Ref:PL20054

Plympton Mews

Plympton, SA Ref:PL7023

Melrose Park Retirement Village

Melrose Park, SA Ref:PL5398

Vermont Estate

South Plympton, SA Ref:PL6112

ECH Kenton Court

Lockleys, SA Ref:PL5719

ECH David Read Lodge

Lockleys, SA Ref:PL5695

ECH Kelvin Grove

Lockleys, SA Ref:PL5718

ECH Lynton Court

Findon, SA Ref:PL5728

The Elms Lifestyle Community

Walkley Heights, SA Ref:PL6135

Stuart Grove Retirement Community

Camden Park, SA Ref:PL24912

The Homestead Retirement Village

Walkley Heights, SA Ref:PL4039

Kalyra Sheoak Village

Belair, SA Ref:PL28156

Pasadena Village

Pasadena, SA Ref:PL7022

ECH Marchant Court

Athelstone, SA Ref:PL5730

Kalyra Belair Village

Belair, SA Ref:PL20742

Leisure Court Retirement Village

Fulham Gardens, SA Ref:PL5391

Heysen Court Lifestyle Community

Hope Valley, SA Ref:PL6133

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What makes a great retirement village manager?

As anyone who lives in a retirement village will tell you, the village manager is a central figure who is critical to the success of the village and the happiness and wellbeing of village residents. But there’s no doubt the village manager plays an essential role. So, what is the role of a retirement village manager?

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Retirement villages without exit fees? They’re happening!

Retirement villages without exit fees? They’re happening! Now, some of Australia’s largest retirement village operators are looking at new ways to pay for retirement villages that don’t include exit fees – indeed, there are calls for some exit fees to be banned.

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What sort of profits do retirement village owners make?

The number of Australians over the age of 75 is expected to increase by 70% over the next six years. The number of Australians over the age of 80 is expected to triple to more than 3.5 million over the next 40 years. As the number of older people in Australia surges, so too does demand for age-appropriate housing – such as retirement villages, which offer an affordable lifestyle, community, and ongoing health and wellness support.

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73% of Australians willing to sacrifice inheritance for aged care

Nearly three-quarters of all Australians are willing to sacrifice their own inheritance so their parents and grandparents can enjoy the retirement they deserve, according to a new report by B2B aged care service CompliSpace.

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Volunteers are the backbone of the aged care sector, and more are needed

Tens of thousands of people, of all ages, such as 90-year-old Lily Burns and 20-year-old Charlise Hannagan, volunteer in aged care homes. The Change Makers is the theme for this year’s National Volunteer Week, 15 to 21st May, which celebrates the vital work of volunteers.

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What is the Future of Rental Retirement Villages?

Across Australia there are approximately 300 rental retirement villages – but few more are likely to be built, which is an unfortunate situation for older Australians. Rental retirement villages operate much like normal rentals, but they offer older Australian with limited financial means the opportunity of housing security, health and lifestyle support, and a welcoming and safe community.

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This is the food that you can get in residential aged care

Uniting NSW.ACT is aware of the criticism that is often levelled at the food served in residential aged care homes. The Not For Profit is passionate about the food served to residents and determined that as well meeting residents’ nutrition needs, their food looks and tastes delicious and as well as catering to their individual desires as much as possible.

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Unique test can predict if you have dementia up to nine years earlier

An international research team led by Queen Mary University of London, UK, has developed a new method for predicting dementia with an over 80 per cent accuracy and up to nine years before diagnosis. The new method provides a more accurate way to predict dementia than memory tests or measurements of brain shrinkage, two commonly used methods for diagnosing dementia.

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