Retirement Villages Western Adelaide

Why consider retirement living in Western Adelaide

Lying west from Adelaide’s CBD – beyond suburbs like Mile End, Woodville and Port Adelaide – are beachside localities such as Brighton, Glenelg, Henley Beach and North Haven. These are readily reached from the city by public transport, including rail lines to Outer Harbor and Grange Beach, and the famous Glenelg tramline through Goodwood and Plympton.

  • Population (as at 2022): 250000
  • 86% Australian citizens and 19% aged 65 or older
  • Summer average temps 15°C min to 28°C max
  • Winter average temps 7°C min to 16°C max
  • Well served by parts of the Seaford rail line buses (including airport buses) the Glenelg Tram and a busy urban road network.
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Resthaven Marion

Marion, SA Ref:PL21928





Resthaven Paradise

Paradise, SA Ref:PL4270







Sturt Village

Marion, SA Ref:PL6448

  • Retirement Village
  • Carport
  • Home care services
  • Built-in emergency aid
  • 24hr Medical Alert External
  • On-site manager
  • Walk to shops
  • Community TV





  • Retirement Village
  • Carport
  • Home care services
  • Built-in emergency aid
  • 24hr Medical Alert External
  • On-site manager
  • Walk to shops
  • Community TV



Hamilton Retirement Village

Glengowrie, SA Ref:PL6453

  • Retirement Village
  • Carport
  • Home care services
  • Level access
  • 24hr Medical Alert External
  • On-site manager
  • Residents committee
  • Walk to shops



  • Retirement Village
  • Carport
  • Home care services
  • Level access
  • 24hr Medical Alert External
  • On-site manager
  • Residents committee
  • Walk to shops
Levande Salford Community

Aberfoyle Park, SA Ref:PL6681

Levande Unity

Aberfoyle Park, SA Ref:PL6694

Levande The Grange

Grange, SA Ref:PL6689

Balmoral Village

Dernancourt, SA Ref:PL20054

ECH Arnold Court

Kurralta Park, SA Ref:PL5675

ECH Baker Court

Alberton, SA Ref:PL5677

ECH Bowden Towers

Adelaide, SA Ref:PL5679

ECH Braden Court

South Plympton, SA Ref:PL5680

ECH Cavender Court

Brighton, SA Ref:PL5686

ECH Clarence Gardens Estate

Clarence Gardens, SA Ref:PL5687

ECH Clutterbuck Lodge

Lockleys, SA Ref:PL5689

ECH Colin Court

Park Holme, SA Ref:PL5690

ECH Crichton Court

Henley Beach, SA Ref:PL5692

ECH Cungena

Park Holme, SA Ref:PL5693

ECH David Court

Underdale, SA Ref:PL5694

ECH David Read Lodge

Lockleys, SA Ref:PL5695

ECH Day Court

Croydon, SA Ref:PL5697

ECH Donald Court

Clarence Gardens, SA Ref:PL5699

ECH Downing Court

Hove, SA Ref:PL5700

ECH Duggan Court

Plympton, SA Ref:PL5701

ECH Ellen Court

Nailsworth, SA Ref:PL5702

ECH Ernest Court

Woodville North, SA Ref:PL5703

ECH Fairfield Lodge

Glenelg South, SA Ref:PL5704

ECH Greenleigh Court

Glenelg East, SA Ref:PL5708

ECH Grundy Court

Glenelg South, SA Ref:PL5709

ECH Hanson Court

Woodville Gardens, SA Ref:PL5710

ECH Henderson Lodge

North Plympton, SA Ref:PL5711

ECH James Martin Court

Glandore, SA Ref:PL5715

ECH Kelvin Grove

Lockleys, SA Ref:PL5718

ECH Kenton Court

Lockleys, SA Ref:PL5719

ECH Kimberley Court

Hove, SA Ref:PL5720

ECH Leslie Court

Hove, SA Ref:PL5724

ECH Lewis Court

Clarence Gardens, SA Ref:PL5725

ECH Lindsay Court

Somerton Park, SA Ref:PL5726

ECH Little Adelaide Village

Prospect, SA Ref:PL5727

ECH Lynton Court

Findon, SA Ref:PL5728

ECH Manson Towers

Glenelg, SA Ref:PL5729

ECH Marshall Court & Farrar Court

Glenelg North, SA Ref:PL5731

ECH Marten Retirement Village

Largs North, SA Ref:PL5732

ECH Palmer Court

Hove, SA Ref:PL5744

ECH Prince Court

Alberton, SA Ref:PL5745

ECH Robertson Miller Lodge

Black Forest, SA Ref:PL5750

ECH Rotary Village

Modbury, SA Ref:PL5752

ECH Stace Lodge

Glenelg East, SA Ref:PL5756

ECH Tucker Lodge

Glenelg East, SA Ref:PL5758

ECH Victoria Court

Brooklyn Park, SA Ref:PL5759

ECH Vine Court

Prospect, SA Ref:PL5760

ECH Walker Court

Thebarton, SA Ref:PL5761

ECH Warren Court

Glenelg North, SA Ref:PL5762

ECH William Ackland Court

Glandore, SA Ref:PL5765

ECH Williams Court

West Beach, SA Ref:PL5766

ECH Arthur Court

Edwardstown, SA Ref:PL5676

Langton Park

Campbelltown, SA Ref:PL6044

Ashbrook Apartments

Ashford, SA Ref:PL20360

Scarborough Retirement Estate

Somerton Park, SA Ref:PL20488

Village Life Salisbury Downs

Salisbury Downs, SA Ref:PL6941

Bellara Village Campbelltown

Campbelltown, SA Ref:PL20556

The Palms Residential Park

Waterloo Corner, SA Ref:PL6325

Trinity Place

Pasadena, SA Ref:PL6811

Italian Benevolent Foundation

Ridgehaven, SA Ref:PL20863

Townsend Park

Hove, SA Ref:PL20928

Levande Ridgehaven Rise

Ridgehaven, SA Ref:PL21853

Levande Lightsview

Northgate, SA Ref:PL21872

Levande Hillsview

Happy Valley, SA Ref:PL21860

Wesley House Aged Care

Semaphore Park, SA Ref:PL21951

Lutheran Homes Group Hope Valley

Hope Valley, SA Ref:PL3738

Leisure Court Retirement Village

Fulham Gardens, SA Ref:PL5391

Gulf Point Retirement Village

North Haven, SA Ref:PL5385

Crestview Retirement Village

Hillcrest, SA Ref:PL5378

Ackland Park Retirement Village

Everard Park, SA Ref:PL5362

Manor Gardens Retirement Living

Salisbury East, SA Ref:PL5396

Melrose Park Retirement Village

Melrose Park, SA Ref:PL5398

Riverview Retirement Village

Elizabeth Vale, SA Ref:PL5407

The Haven Retirement Village

North Haven, SA Ref:PL5419

Westport Retirement Village

Queenstown, SA Ref:PL5423

Life Care Marion Rose

Mitchell Park, SA Ref:PL5620

Netley Grove

Netley, SA Ref:PL7020

Norfolk Estate

Marion, SA Ref:PL7021

Pasadena Village

Pasadena, SA Ref:PL7022

Avista Glenelg

Glenelg, SA Ref:PL23435

Albion Mews

Dover Gardens, SA Ref:PL7018

Plympton Mews

Plympton, SA Ref:PL7023

Campbelltown - Elliot Court

Campbelltown, SA Ref:PL23457

Felixstow - Pickering Court

Felixstow, SA Ref:PL5221

Marden - Menzies Marden

Marden, SA Ref:PL23498

Firle - Hampden Street

Firle, SA Ref:PL23459

Joslin - First Avenue

Joslin, SA Ref:PL23494

Tea Tree Gully - Angove Park Drive

Tea Tree Gully, SA Ref:PL23517

Glengowrie Retirement Village

Glengowrie, SA Ref:PL7475

Scarborough Mews Retirement Village

Somerton Park, SA Ref:PL6390

Vermont Estate

South Plympton, SA Ref:PL6112

Forest Place Lifestyle Community

Happy Valley, SA Ref:PL6131

The Gardens Lifestyle Community

Parafield Gardens, SA Ref:PL6137

Golden Grove Lifestyle Community

Golden Grove, SA Ref:PL6132

Heysen Court Lifestyle Community

Hope Valley, SA Ref:PL6133

The Elms Lifestyle Community

Walkley Heights, SA Ref:PL6135

The Ferns Lifestyle Community

Salisbury East, SA Ref:PL6136

Levande Somerton Park

Somerton Park, SA Ref:PL23919

Trinity Green

Mawson Lakes, SA Ref:PL6111

Brighton Dunes

North Brighton, SA Ref:PL5529

ECH Oakden Estate

Oakden, SA Ref:PL5743

Eldercare Mulberry Grove

Felixstow, SA Ref:PL5780

Hawksbury Gardens Retirement Living

Salisbury North, SA Ref:PL24280

Eureka Care Communities Elizabeth Vale

Elizabeth Vale, SA Ref:PL24251

Acacia Park

Brooklyn Park, SA Ref:PL7017

Life Care Rosehaven

Modbury, SA Ref:PL5624

Campbelltown - Genders Court

Campbelltown, SA Ref:PL24881

Marden - Millikan Grove

Marden, SA Ref:PL24884

Stuart Grove Retirement Community

Camden Park, SA Ref:PL24912

McCutcheon Grove Retirement Living

West Lakes Shore, SA Ref:PL25119

Willason Grove Retirement Living

Semaphore Park, SA Ref:PL25100

Wesley Court Retirement Living

Rosewater, SA Ref:PL25137

Living Choice Flagstaff Hill

Flagstaff Hill, SA Ref:PL25275

ECH Encore Apartments

Modbury, SA Ref:PL25507

ECH Burton Village

Burton, SA Ref:PL25687

ECH Tapleys Court

Seaton, SA Ref:PL25693

ECH The Vistas

Para Vista, SA Ref:PL25694

ECH Warradale Estate

Warradale, SA Ref:PL25695

ECH Winzor Retirement Estate

Salisbury, SA Ref:PL25696

Hayward Gardens Retirement Village

Torrensville , SA Ref:PL27976

Ingle Farm Retirement Village

Ingle Farm , SA Ref:PL27979

Warrina Close

Campbelltown, SA Ref:PL28072

Lutheran Homes Group Para Vista

Para Vista, SA Ref:PL28080

Warrina Valley Estate

Hope Valley, SA Ref:PL28199

Warrina Grove

Hope Valley, SA Ref:PL28200

Adeliade - Spence on Light

Adelaide, SA Ref:PL28228

Glenelg South - Kapara Mews

Glenelg, SA Ref:PL28229

Marden - Broad Street

Marden, SA Ref:PL28230

The Homestead Retirement Village

Walkley Heights, SA Ref:PL4039

SCC Northfield

Northfield, SA Ref:PL6549

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What makes a great retirement village manager?

As anyone who lives in a retirement village will tell you, the village manager is a central figure who is critical to the success of the village and the happiness and wellbeing of village residents. But there’s no doubt the village manager plays an essential role. So, what is the role of a retirement village manager?

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Retirement villages without exit fees? They’re happening!

Retirement villages without exit fees? They’re happening! Now, some of Australia’s largest retirement village operators are looking at new ways to pay for retirement villages that don’t include exit fees – indeed, there are calls for some exit fees to be banned.

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What sort of profits do retirement village owners make?

The number of Australians over the age of 75 is expected to increase by 70% over the next six years. The number of Australians over the age of 80 is expected to triple to more than 3.5 million over the next 40 years. As the number of older people in Australia surges, so too does demand for age-appropriate housing – such as retirement villages, which offer an affordable lifestyle, community, and ongoing health and wellness support.

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73% of Australians willing to sacrifice inheritance for aged care

Nearly three-quarters of all Australians are willing to sacrifice their own inheritance so their parents and grandparents can enjoy the retirement they deserve, according to a new report by B2B aged care service CompliSpace.

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Volunteers are the backbone of the aged care sector, and more are needed

Tens of thousands of people, of all ages, such as 90-year-old Lily Burns and 20-year-old Charlise Hannagan, volunteer in aged care homes. The Change Makers is the theme for this year’s National Volunteer Week, 15 to 21st May, which celebrates the vital work of volunteers.

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What is the Future of Rental Retirement Villages?

Across Australia there are approximately 300 rental retirement villages – but few more are likely to be built, which is an unfortunate situation for older Australians. Rental retirement villages operate much like normal rentals, but they offer older Australian with limited financial means the opportunity of housing security, health and lifestyle support, and a welcoming and safe community.

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This is the food that you can get in residential aged care

Uniting NSW.ACT is aware of the criticism that is often levelled at the food served in residential aged care homes. The Not For Profit is passionate about the food served to residents and determined that as well meeting residents’ nutrition needs, their food looks and tastes delicious and as well as catering to their individual desires as much as possible.

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