Home Care Package Overview 1.3

Home Care Package Overview

These packages mean older people can access a range of support and clinical services to help them stay at home and manage with their day-to-day activities.  They are at a higher level of intensity than the CHSP.

packages are available at four levels with level 1 being for lower care needs and 4 being the highest.

Consumer Directed Care

There have been important changes to Home Care Packages since February 2017 when the government introduced a new approach, designed to give you more choice.  

Under a model called ‘Consumer Directed Care, funding for a Home Care Package follows the consumer rather than a provider. This means you to choose the provider that best meets your needs. And you have the flexibility to shop around and change provider if you wish.

The provider must work in partnership with you to make sure you are getting the services you need.

There is also much more transparency on costs. You receive an individualized budget and monthly income and expenditure statements.  

There is a national system for prioritizing access to home care, managed by My Aged Care.  Once you get to the front of the queue you will be assigned a Home Care Package which you can use to receive care from a provider of their choice.