Can I change Package Providers? 10.6

How to Change Package Providers

First you should identify a new Package Provider and agree on the date services will begin.  

Then you should mutually agree a cessation day with your current Home Care Package provider. 

Under the Charter of Care Recipient's Rights and responsibilities you need to inform your provider and their staff of the day you plan to cease the arrangement with them before you actually change providers.

Annie Donaldsonagedcare101  Registered nurse and Carer

The My Aged Care system will in any case also alert the Package Provider when you are seeking to change to another provider.

Agreeing a Cessation Date 

The cessation date would be agreed in line with the terms of the Home Care Agreement and the regulations governing home care.   Reaching a mutually agreed cessation day is important so that your Package Provider can plan for and accurately reconcile your Home Care Package plus calculate any unspent funds. 

Your existing Package Provider must notify you of your unspent funds and arrange disbursements. They are also required to keep documentation of this.


Obligations of the new Package Provider 

The new Package Provider will accept the referral of home care service in the My Aged Care portal.  You don’t have access to this.  You will have to give your consent before your information can be transferred from the old provider to the new one.  They will then work with you to develop a new Home Care Agreement and of course funding for their Home Care Package will follow you.