What if I want to take a break from my Home Care? 10.5

Leave Provisions

You can take temporary leave from your Home Care Package for any reason, such as for a hospital stay followed by transition care, or respite care or social leave. You just need to ask the provider to suspend your package.

You may have to keep paying care fees while you are on leave from the package.  As long as you advise your provider in writing of how long you wish to take leave, it shouldn’t be a problem.   

You should discuss what happens to your fees and Government subsidy while on leave with your home care provider.   You may need to pay your basic daily fee while in hospital or on a holiday, but not if you are in transition care or residential respite care.

Annie Donaldson agedcare101  Registered Nurse and Carer

If you pay an income tested care fee, you will need to continue to pay this to your provider in all circumstances. 

Types of Package Suspensions

Hospital and Transition Care

Full Basic subsidy is payable for up to 28 consecutive days in a financial year for each episode of hospitalization or transition care at a particular package level. 

After 28 consecutive days, the subsidy is payable at 25% of the basic subsidy rate.

Residential Respite Care and Social Leave (all other suspension types)

Home care subsidy is payable (at the full basic subsidy rate) for up to 28 cumulative days in a financial year at a particular package level.

After 28 cumulative days the subsidy is payable at 25% of the basic subsidy rate.

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