Is there a supplement in Home Care for Oxygen Supplement? 2.5

Oxygen Supplement in Home Care

The oxygen supplement is paid if there is a specified medical need for the continuous administration of oxygen. 

There are two levels of oxygen supplement: standard and higher. 

The higher supplement is paid if the cost of supplying oxygen is 25 percent or more than the standard rate. 

Higher costs can occur when:

  • A person needs a flow rate greater than 4.2 litres per minute (such that a single concentrator is not sufficient); 


  • A person is provided with cylinder oxygen as well as concentrator oxygen. 


A medical practitioner must certify - in writing - that there is a need.

The current rates of Oxygen Supplement payable to eligible residential care and home care services can be found on the Subsidies and Supplements here.



To apply for the Oxygen Supplement, the Home Care Service Provider needs to complete an application form which can be found on the Department of Human Services website or here.

Forms can be submitted to DHS here.