What are Home Care Packages? 2.1

Home Care Packages

Home care is aimed at maintaining a person's quality of life in their home by supporting them with their physical needs and daily activities. It might be for people who are getting older, are chronically ill, recovering from surgery or who have a disability. 

Home Care Packages are available at four levels with level 1 being for lower care needs and 4 being the highest care needs.  The majority of the packages funded at level 2 and level 4. 

The four levels of home care packages.

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Key Features

Daily Amount

Weekly Amount

Total Yearly Amount

Home Care Level 1
Caters for people with basic care needs

About $22



Home Care Level 2
People with low level care needs

About $40



Home Care Level 3
People with intermediate care needs

About $89



Home Care Level 4
People with high care needs

About $135