Are there case management and advisory services? 5.3

Case Management Fees

Case management fees cover the cost of developing an individualised care plan.  In doing this the provider might visit, phone and follow up with you about your package.  They are entitled to charge for their time. But you can take more control of managing your package if you wish – and in so doing get a reduction case management fees.

Remember if you are not happy with the repsonse you get you have the option to take your Home Care Package and business elsewhere.

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Monthly Income and Expenses Statement 

Once services commence, the Package Provider must give you monthly statements to show you how your budget is being spent under the package.  The monthly statement must also show you the balance of your funds.  These statements will be in plain English and will be set out in a simple and easy to understand format.  This monthly statement can be received by paper, email or web based version.