Why do I need to pay an exit fee? 5.7

Exit Fees

If you decide to change providers for any reason (eg you might move to another area to live) then your unspent funds (less the exit amount) will move with you. 

A provider may deduct an amount from your unspent funds, as an exit fee.  The exit amount is meant to allow providers to recover administrative costs associated with working out and paying unspent funds. It is not mandatory to charge an exit amount and a few don’t but a provider does have the right to.

If a provider plans to charge an exit fee then the maximum exit fee must be made publicly available.  We have package provider's exit fees within our Package Provider directory on agedcare101.

Annie Donaldsonagedcare101 Registered Nurse and Carer

They are also on the My Aged Care website.  This is to ensure you are aware from the beginning what you are signing up to.

Any exit fees that are specific to you must be disclosed in the Home Care Agreement.  If your provider wishes to charge an exit fee the amount must be included in the Home Care Agreement and agreed to by you.  Whatever happens, the exit fee cannot be more than the unspent funds.