What are the different Package Provider cost components? 5.1

Package Provider Cost Components


There are 4 different components that make up your Home Care Package – no matter what level it is.

  • administration fees
  • case management and advisory services
  • service and support provision


  • contingency

Providers must give you a monthly statement that shows your available funds, how those funds have been spent and the balance of any unspent funds. 

The government does not regulate how the statement must look. 

Its up to you and the provider to agree on the level of detail and the format of the statement.  The document must be in an agreed format that is easy for you to read and understand.

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Your monthly statement will reflect these 4 different sections and typically include these four areas.

A monthly statement must provide a list of the care and services which have been provided and the total amount for each kind of care or service.


You should absolutely ask your Package Provider for their fee schedules before signing up so you can compare what different providers are offering.   Your individualized budget will be done when you design your care plan with your package provider and should be amended whenever your plan or costs change. 

All care and services through your Home Care Package must be able to be paid for within your package budget.  If you want more services you can speak to your provider and arrange to pay for these separately. 

There are different ways of breaking down the support you can get.  Some providers structure your care so there is a lot of support available to start with which seems great, but then as your annual fees deplete, the amount of care reduces. When reviewing your option, be sure to understand if the proposed level of care is sustainable for the full 12 months of the year.  

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Your annual budget will be determined by the level of your Home Care Package that you have been awarded by My Aged Care.