Can I fully manage my own package? 9.5

Managing your home care package, yourself

It is possible to fully self-manage a Home Care Package and have the Package Provider administer the finances but otherwise be in the background.  

It would be possible for the person receiving home care to appoint an individual or a spouse or child as the Care Manager.  This person would work with the ACAT team and the Package Provider and you to set goals and agree on the support needed. 

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As the Case Manager they would contract Service Providers. 

The Case Manager would manage the schedule and the roster of different staff. Once goals are met, the Case Manger would identify new goals and shift services accordingly.


The family member who is the case manager would have a sense of full control over the situation.  This would free up more funds for your home care services, but the additional time and work required should be acknowledged. 

Assistance with Interpreting 

To ensure everyone can participate fully, providers can access the Government-funded ‘Translating and Interpreting Services National’, which provides services on-site and over the phone at no cost to you or the provider. 

You can use the service as you:

  • Negotiate your Home Care Agreement
  • Design your care plan
  • Develop your individualised budget


  • Discuss your monthly statement

You can speak to your Home Care Provider to arrange someone from the Translating and Interpreting Services Nation for you. 

If you require an interpreter when you are receiving care and services as part of your care plan, the costs will be charged to your Home Care Package budget. These costs need to be made clear to you before you enter into your Home Care Agreement.