What is the role of a Case Manager? 9.3

Case Manager's role

The Case Manager’s role is to work closely with you and your family, understand the detail in your ACAT assessment and design a Care Management Plan to best suit your needs.

If you identify a type of service that you feel is best for you, your Package Provider must do what they can to help get that.  This may mean sourcing services from other service providers.  If this means a higher cost then this should be made clear.

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You should have the opportunity to state your case for spending budget if you believe the service will enhance your health and wellbeing, as you age.

It may be that there are things you don't want to share with your Case Manager and this is absolutely fine.  It's your choice.

It may be that there are things you don’t want to share with your Case Manager.  That’s absolutely fine. It’s your choice.

If you have a family member who cares for you, it may be possible for them to be paid for this work.  And under certain circumstances it may be possible to include the support of your family and friends in your Case Management Plan.  You will need to discuss this with your Package Provider.