How do I select a Package Provider? 8.2

Home Care Package Providers

The Package Provider is important because they will work with you to shape a care plan that works for you.  The plan will describe services to be provided and an individualized budget.

As part of the planning process you will outline your goals and how much control you want to exercise.  You make the final decisions but remember it is a partnership.  

You also have important relationships with your home care Service Providers and your Case Management Advisor, who monitors your package and reviews the care management plan at least every 12 months.

If you ever want to change your arrangements it is your Package provider who will work with you to make sure this happens.


It’s your choice as to who your Home Care Package Provider is. 

Package Providers differ in their strengths and how they assess what is right for you, so it is worth doing some research.

Annie Donaldsonagedcare101 Registered Nurse and Carer

First, search and shortlist Package Providers that cover your area here on agedcare101.  You’re able to see their exit fees and the expected percentage they will have available to spend on care.  Next you can check the Package Provider’s website just by clicking through from their listings page on agedcare101. 


These are the types of questions you should ask that may help you decide:

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