What you can expect from a Service Provider 8.4

Service Providers

Service Providers are responsible for protecting the health, safety and well being of consumers. 

Service Providers have a duty of care, which is an obligation to exercise reasonable care in the conduct of an activity.

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If they breach that duty of care and cause damage or loss to another person then this can lead to a claim for damages.  It helps to remember that duty of care is a balancing act. 

Service Providers should understand your identity and your preferences and reasons for seeking assistance.  They should identify your support networks.  


Service Providers should explore the person’s goals. They should create options to support health and wellbeing while maintaining roles and independence.  They should respect the person’s autonomy and self-determination to make choices for themselves and allow calculated risks.  

They should work through options and choices and outline the potential consequences. They should work with people’s choices and think about how their request can be fulfilled safely.  

If there are disagreements, Service Providers should work through the processes that lead to agreement.  If this is not possible then the person should be made aware of the complaints process and their rights to access the National Aged Care Advocacy Line and the Aged Care Complaints Services.