What are the next steps and expectations?

Expect that all the required steps to get into aged care will take considerably longer than you plan:

  • Assembling the paperwork for most people takes weeks
  • Each of the steps in the Government registration, assessment and finances can also take up to 8 weeks 
  • Searching, finding and negotiating home care services or an aged care home (nursing home) bed can also take many weeks to months



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For details on each step go to Section 2 Get Set Up.

If you want to jump ahead and start searching for an aged care home (nursing home) Go to Section 5: Search Aged Care Homes (nursing homes)

However we do recommend that you take the time to study each section before you move too far ahead. We promise you it will save you time, considerable frustration and in the end achieve the best outcome for you, your mum or your dad or your friend. 


The government requires complete paperwork and financial records and has audit systems in place to verify statements. Errors and omissions will impact government funding.

Kate Golder, Director,
Affinity Aged Care Financial Services

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