Am I entitled to financial hardship assistance? 4.10

Financial Hardship Assistance

For further information about understanding aged care costs and managing your finances you can contact Centrelinks Financial Information Service (FIS), Tel. 132 300 (local call cost).  They can help you estimate how much you may have to pay towards your residential aged care.  Have all your details of your various forms of income and assets ready before you call.

Applying for Financial Hardship Assistance

There is help available for people who need to move to an aged care home and can't pay the necessary fees.  This is different to being a 'supported resident'. If you are experiencing financial hardship you can apply for help with accommodation payments, the daily care fee, means tested fee or respite care costs.

The Department of Social Services will assess your income and assets closely to be sure that funds are truly unrealisable.

You can't qualify for help if your assets are being retained for beneficiaries or have been gifted within the last five years.

Download the application form here.